DreamStreet Trademark

This website was created to clarify the rightful ownership of the US Trademark, Dream Street or DreamStreet for the real estate industry in the USA.

DreamStreet Realty of Raleigh North Carolina is using our Registered Trademark DreamStreet without our permission and in defiance of our repeated attempts for them to cease and desist using our Registered Trademark.

A US Registered Trademark is a valuable asset and is considered intellectual property. The registration process is done by the US Patent and Trademark office for the specific purpose of protecting this valuable asset.

This is a similar process as registering a car, boat or recording the deed for real estate.  We owned a boat that was US Coast Guard Documented for the same purpose.

I am active in the enforcement of our Trademark around the country and I have encountered a few unscrupulous attorneys that have advised their clients to disregard our cease and desist notices because of the distance.  One even quoted 1959 case law.  It does not take a rocket scientst to understand that since 1959 we have an interstate highway system, jet air travel and THE INTERNET!   Now a simple Google search can cause confusion for someone looking for us using Dream Street or variations of that as search words.  I checked Google for the search terms “DreamStreet Realty” and 5 out of 10 positions on the 1st page of Google were referencing companies using our trademarked name without our permission!

That is unacceptable confusion on an internet search for our company!

Now I want to go back to that attorney who advised their client to ignore me because of the distance.  First of all the use of our Trademarked name without our permission is THEFT!

So let’s extend that logic to another federally registered asset the we had, the 30 foot Sea Ray boat that was US coast Guard Documented (Registered).  If you use that attorney’s logic, then someone can steal our boat, load it on a trailer and take it far away and that is OK since it a long way form Georgia!

That is why attorneys get a bad name!

In fairness to attorneys, I have found in my inforcement efforts that most attorneys give the correct ethical advise.

On one occasion, I found a cybersquatter trying to sell the domain name DreamStreetRealty.com.  I sent them an email stating my objection to this based on Federal anti cybersquattting laws and ICANN regulations.  I got an email 2 days later stating that his attorney had researched my claim and both he and his attorney agreed with me and the domain was unlocked and ready to transfer.  It is VERY refreshing to see attorneys and business owners action in an ethical manner.

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